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A daylight capable screen, the XC BLACK Projection Film is suitable for a variety of applications and exceptional in high street store windows with higher than usual sunlight exposure. The self-adhesive backing allows for professional installations with a quick and easy method. The Charcoal Black screen has a high contrast ratio of 500:1, gain of 3, and comes with the wide viewing angle synonymous across the Pro AV range. XC BLACK does not crystallise or hotspot enabling use with short throw or acute angle projection. The XC BLACK properties allow for both front or rear projection, making it one of the markets only dual sided projection screens. The screen is ideal for more cost effective bespoke project specifications.


Thickness:            0.125mm

Contrast Ratio:     500:1 

Gain:                      (-) 3

Viewing Angle:    180 degree

Maximum Height: 10m

Maximum Width:  1.524m

Edge:                      Not Applicable

Install method:     Self-Adhesive


  • Indoor Retail

  • Theaters

  • Museums

  • TV studios

  • Exhibitions

  • Hospitality

  • Shopping Centers

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