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A rigid 3mm or 5mm thick, acrylic rear projection screen, using diffuser bead technology over the inferior extruded acrylic projection.

The Eclipse is the flagship of our rigid rear projection screen range, providing an outstanding contrast ratio and 180 degree viewing angle. The Eclipse does not hot-spot, even when using a short throw projector. Using in-house developed technology, the light is distributed evenly when at close distances to show high resolution images both sides.

Eclipse is the brightest and most popular rigid rear projection screen in the ProAV Screen range, it was developed for a superior video projection environment and offers outstanding contrast and clarity, when compared to other brands. Perfect for high definition, Eclipse provides excellent resolution at any level with an easy to clean and virtually indestructible acrylic, it provides a long and consistent service life.


Thickness:         3mm or 5mm

Contrast Ratio:  200:1 

Gain:                   (-) 5

Viewing Angle: 180 degree

Transmittance:   90%

Edge:                 Available polished or matte

Install method: Hanging Kit


  • Indoor Retail

  • Theaters

  • Museums

  • TV studios

  • Exhibitions

  • Hospitality

  • Shopping Centers

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