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The Clarity is a rigid rear projection screen initially designed for POS displays in retail environments. Available in sizes up to 3m x 2m x 3mm, it offers a 200:1 contrast ratio, gain of 6 and a 150 degree viewing angle. The result is a remarkably bright and clear image ideal for a wide variety of environments. 


The screen has continued to excel into broader markets such as Theatre and Museum displays where the 'Peppers Ghost' effect was previously so difficult to consistently produce.



Thickness:            3mm

Contrast Ratio:     200:1 

Gain:                      (-) 6

Viewing Angle:    150 degree

Transmittance:      88%

Maximum Height: 2.03m

Maximum Width:   3.05m

Edge:                     Available polished or matte

Install method:     Hanging Kit


  • Indoor Retail

  • TV studios

  • Exhibitions

  • Hospitality

  • Shopping Centres

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