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A daylight capable screen, the XC Projection Film is ideal for a variety of applications and operates exceptionally in high street stores, theatre displays, and art installations. The self-adhesive backing allows for a simple and quick installation. The mid-grey colour film, has a contrast ratio of 300:1, gain of 4 and extra wide viewing angle. XC does not crystallise or hotspot, enabling use of short-throw projectors or acute angle projection. The XC can be used with either front or rear projection therefore making it dual sided.


Thickness:         0.1mm

Contrast Ratio:  300:1 

Gain:                   (-) 4

Viewing Angle: 180 degree

Edge:                 Not Applicable

Install method: Self-Adhesive


  • Indoor Retail

  • Theaters

  • Museums

  • Galleries

  • Exhibitions

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