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The Mirror comes as a rear projection self adhesive film for application directly onto glass or acrylic. The film is manufactured using special optical copolymer and gives outstanding images when projected onto, showing a standard mirror when not projected onto.


A perfect mirror projection film which has a growing base of reputable projects and customers across the arts. Retail environments are ideal for the mirrored effect the screen provides, particularly in clothing retailers where mirrored surfaces often detract from marketing space, where the mirror film combines the two seamlessly.


Thickness:            0.125mm

Contrast Ratio:     400:1 

Gain:                      (-) 3

Viewing Angle:    150 degree

Transmittance:     13%

Maximum Height: 10m

Maximum Width:  1.524m

Edge:                      Not Applicable

Install method:     Self-Adhesive


  • Retail

  • Theaters

  • Museums

  • Exhibitions

  • Hospitality

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