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The ultimate in interactive, touch screen technology, take advantage of the expanding market for through glass, interactive displays. Our touch screen foils are the perfect solution to make our projection screens, touch interactive, creating a “through window” touch screen experience. The ProAVscreens touch foils have no external components, so the installation is completely safe and vandal proof!


Our lightweight touch foils can be applied directly to a window, or acrylic sheet, together with our projection screen films. Alternatively, they can be used over an LCD screen, creating a touch screen experience that captivates the crowd. Our Interactive Foil range is available from standard Single Touch Foils up to true Multi Touch (40 Touch Points). Quick and easy to install as they come complete with a clear static cling layer to adhere the Touch Foil in place when installing. Perfect for using either with Projection or LED/LCD units. Our Touch Foil range works exceptionally well with our range of Projection Films to turn your Advertising window fully Interactive 24/7.

Single Touch functions on up to 15mm laminate or glass and Multi Touch functions on up to 15mm laminate or glass.

Aspect Ratio’s available: 16:9, 16:10, 4:3. Custom Sizes are available upon request. Complete After Sales Support & Technical Assistance included.

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