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Ideal for applications whether it be front, rear, convex or concave projection designs. The HC is a flexible and waterproof Projection film fabric allowing for front and rear projection with no hot spots guaranteed. The HC can be installed directly onto glass or acrylic using a transparent spray mount adhesive, as we offer this screen either straight cut, or finished with a border, eyelets and cords for tension mounting large single piece screens. Alternatively, it can be finished with pockets/tabs for sliding into framework.

The most portable screen in the Pro AV range, the HC can be rolled up and moved to other sites repeatedly. The HC can also be sonic welded to make extra large screens with no visible join or seam. At only 0.1mm thickness, gain of 4, and a viewing angle of 180 degrees it is ideal for all applications. It has applications in more specialised projects such as large scale projection banners for events, and production in 'immersive rooms'.


Thickness:            0.1mm

Contrast Ratio:     200:1 

Gain:                      (-) 4

Viewing Angle:    180 degree

Transmittance:      90%

Maximum Height: 10m

Maximum Width:  2.4m

Edge:                      Not Applicable

Install method:     Spray-Adhesive, Tension Mount, or Framed.


  • Indoor Retail

  • Theaters

  • Museums

  • TV studios

  • Exhibitions

  • Hospitality

  • Bespoke, specialised projects.

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