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The Clarity Film comes as a self-adhesive film that allows installation directly onto glass. The markets most cost effective holographic film available with a gain of 6, wide viewing angle and high transparency (88%). The film was initially designed for retailers where they want to promote their merchandise whilst allowing customers to view through to the store and high security fronts such as banks where unobscured views through visual displays are required for compliance and best practice. The screen has continued to excel into broader markets such as Theatre and Museum displays where the 'Peppers Ghost' effect was previously so difficult to consistently produce.


Thickness:            0.1mm

Contrast Ratio:     200:1 

Gain:                      (-) 6

Viewing Angle:    150 degree

Transparency:       88%

Maximum Width:  10m

Maximum Height: 1.524m

Edge:                 Not Applicable

Install method: Self-Adhesive


  • Theaters

  • Art Installations

  • High Security Sites

  • Exhibitions

  • Hospitality

  • Indoor Retail

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